Customer Analytics with Python

Course description

This course will help you get started with Python for data science on a context you can relate to. Instead of solving abstract problems and doing small throw-away projects, we focus on simple yet very insightful metrics for achieving your sales and marketing goals.

Customer Lifetime Value is "the" metric you should care about, since customers are your largest asset. Being tied to an individual's observed purchase behavior, customer lifetime value needs to be estimated individually, and projecting into the future. In this course we will show you how.

We will cover topics like:

- RFM segmentation.
- Calculating Customer Lifetime Value in contractual and non-contractual settings.
- Making strategic decisions from our data.
- Asessing model performance.
- Visualizing the model output to let data tell the full story.

This course covers all you need to get started quickly.
Pablo Maldonado

Pablo Maldonado

Data Scientist

I'm a data science consultant and lecturer based in the Czech Republic. My areas of interest are around marketing and fraud analytics.

During the last two years I have been working with large corporate organizations with global presence and early-stage startups alike, developing data science applications for very diverse use cases. Before that, I spent almost a decade in academia, including three years as an adjunct professor at a couple universities in Mexico, my home country.

When I started my data science journey after defending my PhD thesis, I was overwhelmed by the vast data science and big data landscape. If anything, my feeling is that it has gotten more confusing than when I started. Even after years of exposure to first-class research at probably Europe's most important mathematical institute, I felt I was not ready. It turns out that I was wrong, however, the path is ofuscated by noise.

My goal on this course is to help you get the tools that got me started (and passionate about!) marketing analytics. I want to help you get your job done, and steer you in the right direction to begin your own journey.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions before the course.

Course Includes

10 Videos

1 Text

3.0 hrs