Facebook Marketing 101

Course description

Learn Facebook Marketing Today

This course is your shortcut to get started with Facebook Ads. Learn everything about setting up campaigns, optimizing your targeting and deploying a working conversion tracking.

Here are a few reasons that should get you interested:

  • More than 1.5 billion people are actively using Facebook monthly
  • Last year advertisers spent over 20 billion USD for Facebook Ads
  • You can start from as little as an investment of 5 USD
  • It's most likely that your competitors are already using Facebook Ads

Start today to get ahead of the competition.

A Unique Learning Experience

Our learning material includes:

  • FULL-HD Videos
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Exclusive Slack-Group
  • Real Life Examples
  • Multiple-Choice Quizzes

All of our content is tailored to bring you forward and give you hands-on experience.

FB Marketing 101 Curriculum

We will cover topics like:

  1. Introduction to Facebook Ads
  2. Tracking Fundamentals
  3. Targeting Fundamentals
  4. FB Ads Manager
  5. FB Power Editor
  6. Facebook Reportings

This package covers everything you need to get started with your first campaigns.

Leo Marose

Leo Marose

Entrepreneur & FB Marketing Expert

Your Instructor

Hey, my name is Leo.

I am an online marketing specialist from Germany with clients from all around the world. I mainly focus on traffic acquisiton and lead generation in various industries.

During the last three years I have managed over 20 Facebook Ad accounts both for my own businesses as well as for my clients. Managing up to six-figure monthly budgets put me in a position to quickly learn how to leverage the full potential of my marketing spending on Facebook.

You don't have to learn everything the hard way and burn your budget. I have collected all mistakes, short-cuts and everything else that you can learn from to start running your campaigns on Facebook.

This basic course provides you with everything you need to get started.

If you have any prior questions regarding the course just contact me at leo.marose@datax.academy

Course Includes

35 Videos

6 Quizzes

8 Texts

2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum